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These are photographs from members of where the person(s) or place is unknown. Everyone has these type of photographs. Sharing these with the everyone may uncover who they are. You may have a photograph of your great-grandmother and do not know it. Even better, someone else may have the picture that you have been looking to find.

Click on the picture to see a larger image and to see the information known about the picture. If you think you know anything about the picture, make note of the picture name found above the picture and contact us. We will pass it on to the image owner so additional contact can follow. NOTE: Not all our members have email or internet access. Please include a regular address and/or telephone number in your email. Good hunting!

Contact us at:

If you have a picture(s) that may be related to a Frederick County, Maryland or surrounding area and you want it placed on the website, please contact us for information on how to do it.

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